Watering restrictions AFTER rain

In my area we’re not permitted to water for 48 hours after a rain. How can I program my Iro to make sure it follows this restriction?



Thanks for reaching out to us. So although there is not a set way to do this automatically within the app, there are some options for you.

  1. You can set a manual rain delay yourself each time it rains.
  2. You could create a recipe in IFTTT if the local weather changes to rain the Iro will initiate a 48 hour rain delay. We have other users that have done this and have found success. This article reviews creating a recipe.

Let me know your thoughts.


@Libertarian, good evening.

Adding to @kevinro’s comments, we are planning on releasing a ‘Drought condition’ feature in an upcoming release – no promise on which one at the moment, but it’s goal would be to do exactly what you described.

Thanks for your support.

Best, Emil

fyi I have this same issue.

weathering the California drought,

Hi @gdstark, thanks for your feedback. Have you looked into IFTTT to automate your 48 hour restrictions until we can release a ‘Drought condition’ feature in an upcoming release?

Best, Emil

I tried IFTTT a long time back, but it’s just more complication that I’m interested in when configuring sprinklers. Although I work with computers for a living, I’m trying to garden here, not program! :wink:

I’m using IFTTT to do this now, it works ok, but they have very limited weather coverage stations, so it’s not ideal, and there’s no way to set a threshold for what qualifies as rain.

Have you seen success with your IFTTT recipe? As Emil mentioned we are working through a drought conditions feature so this will be temporary.

I could always walk you through this if you would like. If so just email us at support@rachio.com and reference this conversation and I will be happy to help.


I need this option as well, ours even recommends that for every quarter-inch of rain to not water for a week.

@heapmaster, interesting recommendation. I assume you have a 48 hour minimum watering delay? Just curious, who is your water utility?

Ontario, CA/Eastern Municipal Water District. They also want us to water after 4pm and before 9am, does the Iro have that ability with the flex schedules ? I just ordered mine and ill be installing it on Monday.

@heapmaster, good question. Currently, we do have automated “black out” times or days for restrictions, but that’s a great idea we’ve heard from a few other users. The work around in the mean time is to set your Flex schedule’s start time to comply with the watering window. For details on Flex schedule creation, please refer to this support article.

Hope this helps!

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