Watering Override

Just set up my watering schedule. The lawn is set for prior to sun rise. If there is rain in the forecast, does the system override and decide not to water? Another senario - if it does override and then it doesn’t rain, what happens?

Yes! Check out this article for more information, just let us know if you have any questions.



Thanks Franz. So the question becomes if we are on water restrictions, watering before sunrise with rain in the forecast. As you are aware, we can’t count on anything in CO. It doesn’t rain, does the Rachio 3 make up for this in the evening? Or does the user need to intervene?


It doesn’t make up for it unfortunately. You can either make your threshold higher on the rain skip settings or intervene (kill the skip or just kick the schedule off when you want).

Hope this helps!


Thanks Franz. This does help. I’ll be prepared for our crazy CO weather.

Yeah I live in Golden, CO, so no stranger to that!


My son just graduated from Mines! Awesome that Rachio is a CO company.

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Not a bad school! Congratulations! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I just got my best friend on Rachio this season. He lives in Littleton, but works at Coors!

Nice! Congrats for them! Cool place to work.