Watering only working when paused

I have a new 3rd generation Rachio controller connected to a single zone and single Rainbird cpz075prfa hard wired valve and have an issue with watering. This is a brand new install with no prior equipment or controllers.

When I start/play to water the zone which is a drip system nothing happens but when I pause the watering of the zone the system then engages and waters only when paused.

Is this a solenoid issue, seems like it’s backwards runs the unit is closed and paused then open?

Solenoid is a 24VAC unit and same issue when trying a second unit for testing.

Is the zone active when the controller is idle / off? When paused, it should be no different than being idle / off… Photos of your setup (controller & valves) would be worth a 1000 words, please share some with us.

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I’ve tried rotating the selinoid while the zone is running and the only time water flows is when the selinoid is manually opened or when the zone is paused and the selinoid turned off, I can hear the selinoid buzzing when the zone is running not clicking like it’s being fully engaged maybe?

Wow, cannot get more simple than that, right? Maybe a picture of the valve itself and/or brand & model. It sounds to me like some issue with the valve, not able to fully engage, dirty seal, solenoid issue, wrong voltage (probably not since you already said it is 24VAC), etc…

When I initialize the selinoid with the Rachio when removed the blue plunger area just vibrates should it extend out?

@Igott - where are you located (e.g. US, Europe, Austrailia)?

Is the original Rachio transformer being used - 120V AC → 24 V AC 1000mA?

Plumber came back, had reversed the valve. Ughh

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