Watering Now? Does it help the grass?


I live on Long Island NY. I have not winterized my system yet and left the system on.

This morning rachio watered my lawn.

Is the lawn going to use this water? The temperature gets somewhat warm during the day and it has been sunny.

But it is the winter.

Hey @Professordave-
My best guess is if your grass is still green it is still using it! I would just make sure to get winterized before that first freeze :anguished:
We are out in Colorado, and I am still watering my lawn, but we have had a crazy mild fall/beginning of winter.
McKynzee :rachio:

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Have you had a hard freeze yet? Yes, the grass will use the water. Watering occurs when ET data computes there has been about 50 percent water depletion. I think you would be fine to simply disable all zones until your system is blown out for winter.