Watering New Seed - Grouping Zones?

New to Rachio (coming from a Blossom controller), loving the results so far.

Question: I have planted new seed in a few small thin/bare areas in 3 of my zones. What is the best way to water these more frequently to keep them wet. I see I can do a manual zone-by-zone quick run for ~5 minutes a few times a day, but that seems like too much work (aka lazy).

Can I group just these 3 zones together to perform multiple short waterings until the seeds are germinating? Then, back to the normal schedule.

Possible? Poking around the app, I am not finding a way to do something like this.

You’ll need to set up fixed schedules for the time frame you want

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Thx, Mr. Suggs,

So, I presume I’d need to also remove these 3 zones from their normal flex daily schedule.

Seems like zones cannot belong to more than 1 schedule. Is that correct?


Zones can belong to more than one Fixed schedule.

What I did when I put down some seed (flowers, but same idea) was to set up multiple Fixed schedules: one at 8 am, 12, 2, 4, 6, for 2 minutes each. It was in a shaded spot, so didn’t get much sun until like 1 pm, hence the gap in the morning. And you can set an end date, so you can taper off the watering by ending one run (like the 2 pm one) while keeping the others, so that the little plants get used to having to grow down to reach water.


Not necessarily. But realize that the multiple watering times for your seed will reduce the total water applied by the Flex Daily schedule. That’s not necessarily bad; I do that in a grass zone where my wife also has flowers planted: water once or twice with a manual schedule to give them a break in the heat of the day.

Zones cannot belong to more than 1 Flex Daily schedule; they can be in a Flex Daily and Fixed schedule(s) though. Not sure about Flex Monthly; don’t think I’d try that combination.

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That’s exactly what I’ve been doing for a week and it seems to be working well.
I created 3 separate Fixed schedules with all my zones on it (because I did a LOT of re-seeding this spring) and I have each zone run for 3min in each of those schedules.

I left my Flex Daily schedule alone with all zones included. And it’s tracking everything with the excess water. All my zones are around 90-110% full, so it’s been skipping the regular Flex Daily watering schedule.
All three of my “seeding” schedules will auto-expire after May 31, then it’ll all go back to normal on Flex Daily.
So far so good! Though I fear what my next water bill will be to grow all this new grass.