Watering History

Just wondering if there is a way to select only completed cycles in the history list? It is confusing to see watering, watered, cycles and so forth. That is all great if you want to see all the detail, but I would like an option to just view the completed zones.


Hey @walkenhorstd, thanks for the thought. I don’t believe this can be done currently, but let’s see if @emil knows a way. If not, we’ll take it under consideration.

Amen! It’s incredibly tedious to look through the log and figure out what actually happnened. I just want to know “Zone 1 watered for 8 minutes (0.15”) in Cycle 1 of 4. Zone 2 watered for 11 minutes (0.50") in Cycle 1 of 4." Etc.

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Thanks for reaching out about this and thank you @a0128958 and @radamio for chiming in. As @benblackmer mentioned this is currently not available in the app but is something that we have discussed internally and see value in. Personally I have scrolled through a ton of Watering History myself and completely understand.

If you guys have anything more feel free to let us know.


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Yes, it’s over reporting data to provide three (3) events in history. Watering, Watered and Completed.
At the very least, remove either Watered or Completed as those seem redundant.

OR, if there is a reason to have all three and point is lost on some of us, include a little ? mark on the Watering History header which, when selected, explains the purpose of each. I love having those elsewhere on the app. Thanks for those.

Thank you.