Watering History Unexpected Behavior

Trying to understand info under watering history. I have 12 zones-fixed schedule.

In most cases I see for example ‘Watering Zone A for Y time etc’, the entry immediately above once schedule for that zone is completed will note ‘Watered Zone A for Y time cycle whatever’-this is what I would expect.

But in some cases after indicating a zone was watered the immediate next entry listed above notes another zone was watered and not the actual watering time of the zone.

For example:
Today 7:06AM Watered Zone 11 for 5 mins cycle 3 of 4
Today 7:00AM Watered Zone 10 for 3 mins cycle 3 of 4

So in this case it seems that the time period btwn 7:00AM and 7:06AM when there was “active watering of Zone 11” was not recorded in the history. I know that the zone was watered fine, just making sure this is normal behavior. I am on the iOS version just released today.

The other issue is that when it was actually watering in some cases the Current watering details indicated 2 zones being watered at the same time, which is not the case. I logged out and back into the app at the time-no change. Not an issue with my iphone as the same listed in a shared acct on another iphone. I doubt reinstallation of app will help but can try it.

Any thoughts?


Please send this to [support@rachio.com]. They can do an in-depth review and answer any questions, etc.



I just had my first full run of my new Rachio unit this morning, and it seems to have a similar gap in the reporting at the start of the cycle . The rest of the history was reported properly.

My unit was scheduled to start at 5 AM, but the beginning of the history shows:

5:28 Watered Zone 3 for 9 minutes
5.19 Watering Zone 3 for 9 minutes
5:19 Watered Zone 2 for 9 minutes

So it seems to have missed entries for the Watering and Watered log items for Zone 1, and the initial indication of Watering on Zone 2. Not a huge problem, as I suspect the first stations actually must have actually run, based on the time stamps of the entries, but the log is not as expected.

@franz I just saw your response after I made my entry. I’ll forward a copy to Support, as you suggested.

Thanks, typically the only way that we would miss these entries is if the device has some sort of intermittent connectivity.

Normally, every watering event should have book ends.


Thanks. That is possible.

I do have a very strong WiFi connection, having moved my access point within about 10 ft to the Rachio, but that doesn’t preclude the potential of a momentary loss of access. This is all very new, so I’ll keep an eye on behavior to see if there is any pattern to the missing entries. Is there any device capture or reporting of missed communications?

Currently if the device is offline no it will not save notifications. The support team can access if your device has been going offline/online.

I sent a note to support on this as per your advise. I also have a very strong WiFi connection so unlikely to be the issue. Something is a bit odd but I do not think it is at my end. I had the exact same issue 4 days ago when the program last ran. Thanks!

@Wandibiri I always want to make sure our system is working properly so took a peak at your data and it does look like the device is reconnecting quite often. Support can help track down a root cause. At a certain point we were showing these reconnects in history, I might revisit that so these questions are helped with more transparent data.

Oh, thanks. I think this helps a lot, yes I think it would be nice to have information that connectivity is working as expected. I’ll work with support on the root cause then.

I had sent a prior note on this to support and the reply, as I understood it, was that everything was fine so the suggestions made were related to the app/ mobile device-which now I understand is not the case.

Much appreciate your help!

FYI, I hate losing any data :wink:

@franz Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to quote on this forum, but I’m really curious about the last line of your newest post “Early next week we will release firmware which will essentially buffer these me…”

It sounds like that sentence may be leading to a statement that the firmware is expected to assure that entries will be buffered to prevent the loss of information in the case of a momentary disconnect. If so, I probably would back off on the missing history entry issue until the new firmware has been placed into operation, and continue to monitor it at that point. Can you clarify that?

By the way, I’m already encountering the effect of the missed entries on the Flex schedule. The unit is now scheduled to run Zone 1 again tomorrow morning, presumably because it has lost the evidence that it ran twice this morning.

Yes, early next week the firmware will buffer these irrigation events if in fact the device is not connected to wifi when running. This should really help devices with intermittent connection issues and guarantee we don’t water due to missing watering events.

@Wandibiri, thanks for sharing your experience with us. I’ll review your support ticket with the support agent that replied to you to point out the issue you were experiencing with connectivity related and not app related. I apologize for any confusion.

Please keep an eye on this topic for updates coming next week.

Was the firmware, as per Franz note, released? Just making sure that the issue was/is being addressed. As of yesterday, not all events registered in the history (some are missed), in addition during active watering, the events seemed out of chronologic order (graphic sent to Emil).

Thanks a bunch!

Will post when firmware is released, it will be sometime this week. Thanks.