Watering hard pan soil

Does anyone have any scheduling experience with hardpan soil? I have patches of it at different depths. I can plant one tree with a shovel and another next to it with a jackhammer. Im serious, I believe this is why my daily flex schedule can’t to the job. I’m confident in my advanced settings. Most soil here is sandy loam.
How would you program a schedule with hard pan soil.

I don’t have this problem, but my thoughts are that the irrigation system cannot overcome this type of problem. The best, maybe only solution is to dig out hard pan and break it up or replace it throughout the root zone prior to planting.

I suggest that you use the cycle and soak option in your schedules as best you can. You probably want to add a manual cycle and soak option to your schedules that can work for the worst hard pan soil you have, mostly soak time. Maybe Rachio will add a soil type of ‘cement’ that will generate a smart cycle that works for you. (Sorry, just kidding on that last one.)


Hard pan soil needs to be reworked with pelletized gypsum in order to help keep it loose and able to absorb moisture.

Gypsum works especially well with clay and hard soil.

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