Watering Duration



Love my new controller. V2.

Quick question for you all. I am trying to place my faith in the algorithm built to set recommended watering times. However, it is stating what I would consider some very long durations. I selected the smart soak option and I am trying to understand if the watering durations listed are truly watering duration times or if these include a soak time. Long story short do watering durations show true watering time or does it include soak time?

Yes - I have programmed in all the head types etc.


From what I’ve experienced the duration includes soak time. I’ve also paused a quick run schedule and the paused time was included in duration. I did notice that my total irrigation amount appeared incorrect after doing that (like half the amount since I paused halfway) but that’s an entirely different issue I’ll try to reproduce another day.


Thanks for the input. I am convinced that duration does not include soak time because if you remove soak it doesn’t reduce the time.


Oh I’m thinking about the final duration that is reported after a schedule is run. You’re correct that the duration in the schedule setup is without soak time — so total actual watering time,