Watering Duration


Love my new controller. V2.

Quick question for you all. I am trying to place my faith in the algorithm built to set recommended watering times. However, it is stating what I would consider some very long durations. I selected the smart soak option and I am trying to understand if the watering durations listed are truly watering duration times or if these include a soak time. Long story short do watering durations show true watering time or does it include soak time?

Yes - I have programmed in all the head types etc.

From what I’ve experienced the duration includes soak time. I’ve also paused a quick run schedule and the paused time was included in duration. I did notice that my total irrigation amount appeared incorrect after doing that (like half the amount since I paused halfway) but that’s an entirely different issue I’ll try to reproduce another day.

Thanks for the input. I am convinced that duration does not include soak time because if you remove soak it doesn’t reduce the time.

Oh I’m thinking about the final duration that is reported after a schedule is run. You’re correct that the duration in the schedule setup is without soak time — so total actual watering time,

I agree with you. I have the same question. I have an orange tree with a bubbler. I create just one schedule for the orange tree. Rachio sets the total duration to 131 minutes.
Does this mean that each time, Rachio waters this tree it will water it for 131 minutes? That can easily be over 70-100 gallons of water depending on adjustment on my bubbler head. And if the water duration is each week, then OMG.