Watering Duration %

Might be missing something but when I used to tweak the Watering Duration for a schedule it gave me a % plus or minus from recommended. How do I tell now if I’ve tweaked the schedule and by how much?


I believe you are speaking about how we used to adjust flexible daily minutes. We removed the limitation of +/- 50% from recommended and now you can adjust however you would like.

Unfortunately if you’d like the default value for the flex daily recommended minutes you will have to recreate the flex daily schedule with that zone.

Didn’t even think of the use case of re-setting the zone to default minutes. I’ll bring that up with the product team.


Thanks Franz, We’ve had really warm weather in PHX and I increased the watering times as a quick fix. Later, I had a few minutes to adjusted root depth and efficiency and reset some default values in the advanced zone settings but I think it just added extra minutes to the already inflated schedule. In the old system, I could still see that I was running at 110% of what Rachio recommended. Now, it’s just a number of minutes with no clue as to what it should be. I have 2 - 16 zone units and 1 - 8 zone so it takes a little bit to fine tune them all. I hope maybe a bulk change screen is in the works or at least a log like another user suggested. I know I’m not your “sweet spot” customer but hope for a little multi unit love. Thanks.

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Franz, any update on total watering time either showing a % of default/recommended like the old system? I’ve run into this again as I try to tweak the system from oversees to flex.


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