Watering Duration Management

Unfortunately, I am stuck with a fixed watering schedule due to local water use restrictions. When we have had some rain, but not enough to trigger a rain skip, it would be useful to have a feature that would allow me to reduce the watering duration by a fixed percentage. Currently I have to do this manually by skipping the automatic watering and then manually watering each zone for the desired time using the “Quick Run” feature. This is very tedious, and it reduces the usefulness of the Rachio automation.

Hi there!

That is a great suggestion. One thing that might help right now to make it less tedious is setting the Rain Skip threshold higher than the default. From the devices menu select “Edit Home” then “Weather Thresholds” then select your device and choose “Rain Skip” threshold.

You can usually find how much water in inches is need for your plants per watering and set the threshold to that - for example your plant requires 3/4" per watering you set the threshold to 3/4".