Watering different stations at the top of every hour for 6 hours?

Hey there,

Before I buy, I was wondering if it is possible to program the Rachio as follows:

3 days a week:

1am: Water stations 1-2
2am: Water stations 3-4
3am: Water stations 5-6
4am: Water stations 7-8
5am: Water Stations 8,9
6am: Water Stations 10,11

My understanding is some programs max out at the number of schedules you can create. I wanted to make sure I’d be able to achieve this (or even something more granular) with the Rachio 3

My intention is to understand my high water bill. With a set up like this, I could look at my water usage at these hours through WaterSmart (provided by my water company) and understand which stations are using the most water.

Also: does anyone have any idea when the wireless flow meter will be back in stock?


Yes, you can make six schedules that are fixed to three days, and have different start times with different zones.

We have a limited quantity that will be sold tomorrow (starting at midnight tonight).


Great, thanks for the quick follow up ! :grinning: