Watering dates don't match between brower dashboard and iOS app

I changed some info on a zone to try to get a better watering schedule. After about 8 hours and multiple refreshes, the dashboard at app.rach.io and the iPhone app do not match on upcoming watering dates. How do I know which is correct? I’ve logged in and out of both, but it hasn’t changed the discrepancy. Thanks!

More info…

for the zone in question:

  • app.rach.io shows next watering date July 4
  • iOS app shows July 10

IF I go into the “edit watering schedule” the iPhone app and click on 7/4, it shows the zone will be watered and then when I go back to the main screen it shows 7/4 as well. IF i then pull down to refresh it goes back to July 10.

Do I assume the next watering date is 7/4 and this is a glitch in the iPhone app?

Well…I tried uninstalling the iPhone app and reinstalling thinking maybe there was a cached data issue. Nope. Totally stymied now.

Which data view should be taken as gospel when they don’t match up?

@Bret I’ll have our support team try to reproduce this and will report their findings.


Thanks. Specifically I changed a zone from shrub to perennials and changed slope from flat to slight. This was after running an initial watering.


I had our development team take a look and the only discrepancy we found was with the iOS sliding calendar on the main dashboard. It did not show watering past the end of the month which is a defect.

The main calendar on all 3 clients (iOS/Android/Webapp) all looked correct.

Can you provide screenshot if you are still seeing this issue?




Here is a comparison of the iOS app vs the web browser dashboard. You can see that for the zone called “Front Drip” the “will water” dates are different…


@Bret Logged into iOS and Webapp and still not seeing the discrepancy on dates. I see July 4th on both.

Can you pull to refresh on iOS and see if the date changes?


My online dashboard has been showing that it is still watering since yestreday. I’ve logged out and logged back in and it is still showing that it is watering. My iOS app shows that everything is fine.

Date does not change on a pull down refresh. what will temporarily change the date in iOS is clicking on Edit Watering Schedule, navigating to a date where it’s showing that zone being watered, and then clicking back. If at that point you pull down to refresh, the other date comes back.


Thanks, our iOS team was finally able to reproduce. Working on a fix for our next release.