Watering buffer between last “wet” event

I have a bed of succulents that are sensitive to soil moisture. I need the soil to get close to drying out before the next watering event.

This time of the year I have found that approximately 10 days between watering events is appropriate. I am using a fixed interval schedule.

Today it rained and the ground is soaked. The fixed interval schedule is due to water in seven days. I would like an easy way to push this out by a few days so the ground has enough time to dry out (10 days.)

How would I do this? I have seen the delay feature, but that pushes out all of my schedules. I wish to only push out the succulents.

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If you were using Flex Daily, you would set the Allow Depletion to 10% and get your soil and watering settings right.
Using Fixed Interval, its fixed. You have to manually adjust that going to calendar and skipping days.

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There is no way to skip days, only entire runs.

Like the previous response stated, you won’t receive climate and soil moisture adjustments operating your Rachio like a traditional irrigation controller with a Fixed Interval schedule.

Using Flex Daily and adding your soil/slope/irrigation information, Rachio will only water each zone when necessary. You can have succulents, grass, trees, shrubs, etc. on the same schedule, and they won’t all be watered every watering day. That’s the biggest benefit of having a Rachio. It will accomplish what you’re seeking, but you have to redesign your watering schedule first.