Watered for 51 seconds

It got hot enough today to trigger an IFTTT watering of my potted plants. Strange thing, though. The watering is set for 1 minute for each of the pot zones. The watering history shows “Watering Zone 4 Garage pots for 1 minutes” followed by “Watered Zone 4 Garage pots for 51 seconds” (Same repeated for the other two zones.)

So why 51 seconds?

I believe the Iro clock as some daily drift, it’s probably that. If you power cycle the time should be closer to one minute. Believe it’s a display issue.


Today the IFTTT ran again. This time the actual watering times were: 51 sec, 52 sec, and 1 Min. Last power cycle was Tuesday.

Ok thanks for reporting, I’ll have the team do a deeper look.


Tracked this down to water hammer enabled on your device. Looks like we record the duration when water hammer starts (~10 seconds before next zone). The two zones overlap and then the first one shuts down. Display only issue, will fix in a future firmware release. Thanks for reporting this!


Thanks for the explanation. I guess I did not see this on the normal schedule for the pot watering because those run times were all more than a minute.

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