Watered for 3 Hours?! Help

Installed gen 2 yesterday. Set up the station info and chose options which allow Rachio to water as it sees fit. Woke up this morning to discover water apparently ran for 3 hours. I have a small garden. It says it’s going to water again in four hours.

Am I misunderstanding the 3 hours message? Is it because there’s no history to show it’s been watered?

Please advise. I can’t afford this much watering

Rachio assumes zero soil moisture at initialization. Was the three hours one zone?

3.5 hours for six zones.

So, you’re thinking it was a first time phenomenon?

@MissFlo Noticed you were on flex daily. One of my recommendations is to start with one or two flex zone(s) (typically grass, maybe front and back yard) for a week or two to understand how it works and potentially do some fine tuning. Once you are happy with the schedule I recommend pulling in other zones. If you do have any questions regarding frequency or watering durations the community loves to help. I’d create a new topic if you need some assistance helping with some fine tuning.

Also noticed you have shrubs and flower zones. Those will typically run longer due to the default root zone depth of those types of plants. Flex daily is a little more challenging to use for those adverse crop types since there are so many variety of shrubs and flowers. You can always move the durations on those zones down until you find a happy medium.

It does look like you changed quite a few settings on all the zones makes tuning a little more difficult. Each zones soil moisture graph will show you the simulated watering frequency for the next two weeks.

Here is some more information on the flex daily schedule type:

Hope this helps.

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In California, many landscapes do not have grass.