Water Well Pressure/Water Level Sensor Integration

Hello to all. First post here so please bear with me. In our neighborhood we all pull from the same well for irrigation and there are many times where the underground river we all pull from does not have the capacity to keep up with the demand. Talking with customer support yesterday, the introduced me to IFTTT.com which looks like a great place to start the integration I’m looking to get up and running.

My end goal is to send a pause command to my Racio v3 when the water pressure and/or water level of my well gets too low to produce adequate volume for my zones (mostly zones with 4 rotors each with flow limit of 2 GPM). And then once the well pressure/level is restored the watering cycle would continue as normal. Realizing this will potentially greatly extend the time it takes to water my yard, I can at least be more confident in the fact that I’m putting out the amount of water I intended.

Any and all thanks ahead of anytime for anyone who can help me solve this predicament.