Water Usage not in Android App

I can no longer find the water usage/water saved in the Android app version 4.11.1. It used to be front and center… now the FAQs say to touch More, then Usage. When I do so my only options are History, Shared Access, Account, Controller Settings, Help Center. When I choose History, I pnly get the watering history start and stop times. What gives? Was it removed from the app? When will it be restored?

I see it after selecting my device, tapping irrigation on the bottom middle, and then tapping usage in the top right. Hopefully I remember this steps properly.

You are correct. Thanks. But it is harder to find than it had been and only shows complete stats for the month (gallons used and gallons saved). The individual dates only show gallons used. Sometimes it seems the app is changed only for the sake of change introducing unneeded complexity. It may be better to leave well enough alone. Thanks again.

I can still see it on the main page…I have mine set for time as I’ve never set up area in my zones to calculate a real estimated usage in gallons.