Water Usage Graph is Blank


My water usage graph is blank:

Anyone know how to fix it (it just watered today)? I bought/installed the Rachio last November and only recall one month where the graph appeared to be working.


Thanks for reporting this, will have our web developer @Dan check on this and get back to you.

I do see data on Android, so it seems like a web only issue.

Thanks again and have a great day.


I see this as well.

I find if I click minutes then gallons it renders properly… usually.

Just started about 2 weeks back.

Interesting @brkaus. What browser/OS are you using?

OSX Safari. Latest “standard” (non-beta) version.

Playing with it a bit, I think it is a problem based on screen/window size perhaps?

Smaller windows aren’t rendering properly.

Thanks @brkaus, I’ll check it out…

I am using Chrome - version 49.0.2623.75.

I also use an extension called uBlock Orgin. I turned it off and the graph appeared to work. As soon as I turn it back on it stops working. Is there a ip address that I should be whitelisting in uBlock Orgin so it doesn’t block the graph?


Ah, possibly the culprit. Try whitelisting api.keen.io

Dan :rachio:

Ok, so whitelisting api.keen.io didn’t work, but whitelisting app.rach.io did.

Thanks for your help!