Water source was turned off during scheduled run... now what?


I’ve got a Rachio Gen 2 controller and am using a Flex Daily schedule. During the last scheduled run, no water was put on the lawn because the water source was inadvertently turned off. I think this means the controller now thinks there is more water in the soil than there actually is. What should I do from here to get it back on track? Would doing a “Quick Run” with the same time as the schedule run work? Wouldn’t that make the controller think there is much more water in the soil? Or is there a way to tell the controller that it didn’t actually do anything during the last run (which wasn’t its fault)?

Thanks for any and all help!

Multiple options exist, depends on how much soil moisture it was at and how much it needs. None of these are probably perfect, but they will reset it to restart watering.

  1. “Irrigation” | “Zones” and then on each zone, “Soil Moisture” and tap on “Empty”
  2. Let it continue watering like it normally would
  3. Manually run the schedule again and let it overfill the moisture

I would probably start by looking at the Soil Moisture graph to see where it was before that watering and where it was after the “dry” watering plus see when the next watering is scheduled.

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Hey @Thomas_Lerman, thank you for the tips!

Looks like the Soil Moisture graph for each of the zones shows a depletion of about 25% per day, and it was at around 23% the day before the dry watering. That was two days ago. After the dry watering (yesterday), it was at about 94%. I think the best course of action is to use option number 1 and empty each zone. The Allowed Depletion is at 50% (the default, I think), and I think I am pretty much there as of today, if not a little under.

Thanks much!

Oh, the next watering looks to be three days away, and I don’t think I want to wait that long. Part of the lawn is already showing the strain.

Just empty the zones and let Rachio go from there or manually do a full schedule run. The small bit of “overwatering” that might happen isn’t going to hurt anything.

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