Water source selection?

Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for a setup that will allow me to select the source of my water. I have a well pump and city water. Ideally I’d like a 24v three way selector valve, that when master valve is selected in the app it would be powered would turn off the city water source and open the well source. I have a pressure switch on the pump so I don’t need to activate anything on that. Does anyone know if a 1" version of these valves exists and if so could you point me to one of them?


If I understand the requirements correctly, I did a search with the following criteria and it found what seems like a good selection. The power draw seems a bit high though.

24VAC three way water valve

Under what circumstances would you be using city water versus well water?

Same question as @Thomas_Lerman. When would you need/want one source over another? Using the master valve option won’t let you select by zone easily (I’m sure someone could conjure up a relay system to do this with zone inputs or something).

Basically at certain times of the year there is a water ban where I live but you are allowed to use well water for your gardens. The ability to flip on in the app the well water would be ideal until the ban is over.

This three way valve isn’t one in two out? If that makes sense… But one in choose which out?

While the ban is on, you would like the irrigation to use the pump and when lifted, city?

I am not sure which valve you looked at. I believe they can be hooked up either:

  1. One in and one of two out
  2. One of two in and one out

I do not know for sure, but it seems like the city would likely require a backflow preventor between such a three-way valve to keep either pump water or sprinkler water from going into the city pipe.