Water Skip vs Water Delay

Hey Rachio experts,

What is the difference between manually choosing Water Skip vs Water Delay?

Also, I want to shift my whole Flex schedule back 1 day due to rain, but when I choose Water Skip, it doesn’t shift days, it just skips a day.

Can someone give me some insight on this? Thank you.

Are you using Flex Daily or Flex Monthly. Flex Daily will automatically hold off watering depending on the amount of rain received or anticipated. Flex Monthly and Fixed, OTOH, will simply skip watering on any day(s) that it qualifies. Skipping a day with Flex Daily will also end up watering more later to accomplish the task.

Thank you. I don’t have Flex Daily, I assume because I have the 3E.

So with the 3E, will it change my watering schedule, for example in a rainy month, or does it only do seasonal shifts?

Thanks again.

My previous Rachio 2 would send me a note “it’s been rainy, the schedule has been changed”. Does 3E do that? Or does it only “skip” when it rains?

I wasn’t aware that any Rachio schedule would change for rain received other than skipping a day due to rain, except for Flex Daily, which does take into account all rain received. Note that I am not familiar with the 3E, but thought it had less features, not more, than the 3.