Water Schedules, why one zone doesn't cycle/soak

I have 3 zones that water my lawn. They are set for 16 minutes were the first zone does water for 16 minutes and other 2 zones water for 8 minutes and then pause for the soaking process that is 22 minutes long and then they water for an additional 8 minutes. My question is why does the 1st zone water for the entire 16 minutes rather then 8 minutes and run the soaking process as does the other 2 zones.
Any info is greatly appreciated

We determine the maximum recommended watering time for your zone based on soil type, slope and nozzle type. For the zone that runs 16 minutes, we must not have hit the max time recommended to water that zone before runoff occurs. This article explains the max runtimes as well as the other cycle/soak concepts. If you’d like everything to run uniformly you can always set a manual cycle/soak period.


Thanks for the info, I appreciate it