Water Schedule date different to My Yard date

Why is my water schedule date different to My Yard date
See picture.

Hi @tazjamez-
I’m going to take a guess here and say you are creating your schedule in Australia? We have an issue with schedules created in Australia during a certain time of day showing on the incorrect day on the monthly calendar. We have a fix coming, but it’s not quite done yet! Your schedule will water on the correct day, it just displays incorrectly on the calendar on the web app. If I’m wrong and you are not in Australia let me know!
McKynzee :rachio:

Yes in Australia.

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@tazjamez No problem- I will keep you updated on when this issue is resolved!

Hi @tazjamez, Dan from Rachio. Are you still seeing the issue? We’ve recently made some changes to how we’re handling the calendar, and I believe it may have fixed your issue.

Dan :rachio:


I noticed my moisture graphs are showing a day behind the actual date. Today is the 19th, and is showing the 18th as forecasted and has today’s rain fall showing in it.

I live In Australia as well, so thought this issue maybe linked but not fixed in the graphs.

Hey @Bizza-

We are still encountering some issues with moisture graphs and the dates displaying wrong. The data deciding when your schedule should run is coming through correct- this is entirely a display issue. These issues should all be resolved with our upcoming software release. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause until then :disappointed:

I believe the dates should be correctly displayed on the web app, let me know if you see the correct display there!

McKynzee :rachio:

Hi @mckynzee,

The web app is fine, The android app is the problem child.

Now I just have to wait for some dry weather to see my new Rachio in action - installed it on the weekend. We had a very dry summer and now we have had two weeks of rain. The next scheduled watering is over two weeks time. If you need me to break a drought anywhere let me know, I’ll install a irrigation system, or build a house or wash my car…:slight_smile:




:joy: We could use some moisture here in Colorado, could you work your magic over here?

I’m glad to hear web is displaying correctly, again this should be resolved come our next software release. Keep us updated on how flex treats you once things dry out! Congrats on the new controller!

McKynzee :rachio:

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The Web UI and android app is now missing the current day (Mar 23). See attached.

@Bizza Wow… what is going on. That is super strange. I will talk to our development team, we need at least one platform displaying correctly until we can get a full fix implemented!

@Bizza, if you press on the “<” or “>” on either side of the date range, and return to the current date range, the missing date should generate.

I was able to reproduce the missing date on your account, but it appears to be limited to your time zone.


@emil, yes I find this works sometimes. It does not always work. It also looks like it it missing a day.

If you look at yesterdays “Current Moisture Balance” this should equal “Previous Moisture Balance”. On occasions this does not work.

Compare Apr 14 with Apr 15.

@Bizza, good catch. Is that the reading you’re seeing after updating the charts using the “<” or “>” controls?

Here’s what I’m seeing when I check the moisture levels for the same zone…

Hi @emil,

Yes this was what I was seeing after scrolling through the screens. I have noted a few things:

  1. The current moisture balance on the Apr 16 is 0.03. The previous moisture balance on Apr 17 is 0.00.
  2. The date range at the top of graphs show Apr 9 - Apr 15. The tables show Apr 10 - Apr 16. I suspect that the heading is correct and the table dates are out by a day. This is what I have worked it out to be when trying to figure out what is going on.

If V3 fixes all of this (e.g. time zone issues) then I am happy to wait for that - as long as it is not too far away :slight_smile:

I think I have worked out what is going on so far. I just wish it would stop raining here so I can see Rachio in action.


Should this issue have been resolved for all users? My Watering Schedule says I shouldn’t be watering today (23rd) and My Yard says things will be watering the 24th yet its the 23rd and we’re watering. I’m in Erie, CO.

Hi @babaker, I’ve reviewed your account and I believe that your Flex Schedule is operating as expected, although I am still investigating the exact reason why your calendar did not update to reflect the past few waterings.

The way that a Flex Schedule works is by tracking every Zones’ individual moisture balance levels that exists within the schedule on a daily basis, adjusts for current and historical climate conditions, and then updates the watering schedule accordingly.

Due to this dynamic nature a Flex Schedule’s Watering Schedule is more of a prediction rather than a guaranteed watering schedule. It is because of this that we typically recommend a Fixed Days/Interval schedule for users with strict watering restrictions or demanding more control.

Here is your Moisture Balance chart for your Zone 1 ‘Front Middle’:

and gain for Zone 3 ‘Front Left…’:

As you can observe, these particular zones were beneath their Allowed Depletion thresholds and demanded watering.

I do see that you have all 8 of your Zones currently under 1 Flex Schedule. While this may not necessarily be an issue, we typically recommend separating your schedules based on Zone vegetation types and watering needs. I also see a number of manual schedule runs on your account. Do you happen to be utilizing any integrations at all?

Flex schedule is definitely working fine. In terms of vegatation - its all grass. And the manual scans are some select areas that were stressed do to some landscaping work.

Really it just looks like there’s might be a timezone conversion issue since it always waters the day before it says its going to. Kind of like the dates are stored in say UTC and being displayed as such instead of displaying in MT.

@babaker Your current calendar at this moment in time is accurate:

Flex indicates it will water everyday, starting tomorrow through the 30th. Looking at your zones:

Zone 10 - Back Right Corner:

Aug 25th, Aug 31st

Zone 9 - Back Right:

Aug 26th, Aug 29th

Zone 3 - Front Left…:

Aug 27th, Aug 30th

This appears accurate. I recommend observing the schedule over the next few days and seeing it if waters as predicted. If you notice any further abnormal behavior please update the thread, however this does not appear to be the same issue.

And as expected we’re watering 1 day earlier than the schedule states: