Water runs continual to 1 zone

I can not tell a zone number because the previous owner named them for sections of the yard. But my side yard had a broken line and we fixed that but now I have to turn water off because there is a low continual flow to it which seeps out the sprinkler and will not stop.

It sounds like a bad valve to me.


What @twin1 said.

So very possible it didn’t even have a broken line? Was just seeping out the sprinkler head to begin with and the person who was “fixing” it, broke the line with the shovel? The sprinklers work great when activated, and shuts mostly down, just 1 out of 5 heads keeps seeping.

Possibly. My neighbor across the street went right into his main sprinkler supply line just digging-out the garden next to the house to clean it up, a few years back. I was standing right there when he did it.

He kind of freaked out. “Relax,” I told him. "Go inside and shut the water off. " Then told him what to do to fix it himself.

Yeah I fixed the joint where I saw it leaking (which I thought was weird that it even had that much water in it to continue to leak), that is what made me start thinking there was more to it - because, as wet and soggy as the ground was, it was way more than just backflow, it was constant flow even when that zone was shut down. But I truly feel he got under it with a shovel and busted the joint - instead the sprinkler was seeping and that was probably the original leak.

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Your valve’s diaphragm requires cleaning. If you are skilled in taking small components apart it’s not complicated. Shut off water to irrigation system and turn on a zone to release pressure. Open valve box and remove screws from the top of the problem valve (take photo of solenoid position on valve to make reassembly easier). Please note some water will fill into valve box once valve is taken apart, so plan for this. There is a spring on top of the diaphragm, so take care not to lose it. Lift off assembly and clean diaphragm and seat with non abrasive cleaner, check for rips in diaphragm, if ripped replace diaphragm and seat, see link below for image: Hunter 332100 Diaphragm Assembly Kit for PGV, SRV, ASV Valves - 1" Valves - EvergreenSprinklers.com