Water Restrictions

In my area I am restricted to watering on specific days, in my case Tuesday and Saturday, and between the hours of 7pm to 10am.
I set up a flex schedule and selected Tuesday and Saturday as the allowed days.
I also have the start time as 7pm.
However there is no option for an end time. Given this setup, it will only water from 7pm to 11:59pm on the selected days. It will never water from 12am to 7am.
Any suggestions?

Do you prefer early morning or late evening waterings? Around here, it is suggested to do early morning waterings so the ground isn’t damp for too much of the overnight (environment conducive to mushrooms sprouting and such).

If you have a couple zones that won’t finish in the morning allowed interval, you could schedule them for the evening window.

The schedule will run over midnight if it has to…like @wx16 it is preferred to water early morning times (~3am - ).

If you setup to start then you should be fine, depending on overall time. If you want to start earlier the schedule will span across days.

Hope this helps.


I received the notification of the upcoming 2.5 release. Any suggestions on the most optimal configuration for my scenario?
Recap of scenerio:

  1. I have 7 zones currently using flex, this is my front and back lawns. I am restricted by the city to only water the lawns on Tuesday and Saturdays between 7pm and 10am.
  2. I have one zone that is not using flex, this is my front bushes, roses, and flowers. It waters every 3 days for 10 minutes. It’s a drip irrigation system.
  3. Finally I have one zone that is not using flex, this is my back vegetable and fruit garden. It waters every 2 days for 10 minutes. It’s a drip irrigation system.
    BTW, just got this controller over the weekend and am really liking it.
    I had a Orbit Bhyve and it was just garbage. So I returned the Bhyve for the Rachio.

This is a tough one, having this restriction really limits flex or our new concept of water as needed. I hope someday these somewhat pointless restrictions are a thing of the past. I think initially, your best bet after 2.5 is released, is to create a fixed schedule that runs on Tuesday/Saturdays and starts early morning hours. Based on our recommendations, you can increase/decrease watering minutes if you see fit. Our climate skip, cycle soak, and rain skip are part of the normal smart watering features that each new schedule will have on by default. These options alone will probably save you a lot of water. You can try flex, but with only two days of allowed watering, it will more than likely water on each day since it knows it can’t water until quite some time. The 2.5 release is only a few days away.

Without knowing more about these areas I can’t really comment. It seems like if you gardens are getting what they need for this configuration, I would stick with it :wink:

Glad to hear :blush:, and welcome to the community!

Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any more questions or feedback.