Water Restrictions programming FIRST / Programmatic Restrictions Configuration

I’ve posted about this in the Product Suggestions forum (here: Blackout times) but I felt that it deserved some attention on this side.

First Suggestion: When the user is first setting up their Rachio, ask them if they have watering restrictions in effect, then allow them to set them up. Restrictions set up should allow for a combination of Time(s) of Day, Day(s) of the Week, and Water emitter type (for example, my sprayers are heavily regulated by the watering restrictions, but my drip lines and bubblers are not).

This should be one of the first things the user is asked before they begin setting up schedules.

Second Suggestion: Set up a wizard that any municipality can access to create a JSON/YAML/TOML restrictions config file that could be hosted by the city (or Rachio) to automatically load up the watering restrictions (with local user override available of course).


Beyond just helping new Rachio customers such partnerships with localities would also strengthen the visibility of the Rachio brand to those who are not yet customers.

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1+ on blackout or Omit times. We can not water between 10 AM and 6 PM.

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