Water more/less no longer on mobile app?

I am no longer able to see the water more/less buttons on the mobile app for the zones? Was a very convienent feature to increase/decrease the amount of watering. Anyone else seeing this

I am still seeing it on Android . . . I go to the individual zone and tap the button that says “ADJUST”. From there, I can water a little/lot more/less.

I do not see it on ios

I am missing it on my Android.

It is definitely something that was removed, because I used to use it all the time.

I’m still seeing it on Android, however I believe I am still in the Beta program…?

How do i get into the beta program?

Can you believe this?? That was a HUGE feature for me! This is very disappointing honestly.


Android, two model 3 controllers, one shows the adjustments the other does not. :confused:
Both same schedule type, flex monthly

@piersm2 Probably more a question for @drew_thayer. I thought this was being moved from only a Thrive thing, to general use. This is a post from @dane 1 year ago, so maybe it is still in Beta?