Water missed schedules after Iro comes back online

Last week one of my flex schedules was skipped because my Iro was offline for an hour or so due to internet issues. It’d be useful if it could just start that schedule when it came back online. I water my lawns in the early morning and starting an hour or two late is far better than waiting until the next day or having to run them manually myself when I get up.

Another useful feature would be to run a schedule on demand; perhaps when it was skipped and/or I have a reason to want it done now vs tomorrow. Manual control only allows me to run 1 zone (or all) and as far as I know I’d have to do the cycle/soak aspect myself. That’s too much effort so in my internet outage example I just ran it long enough to give it enough water to get through the day and let Flex water it fully the next day.

If you have a flex daily, it will catch up by running the next day. One issue to overcome is the fact that ppl have times lots that they can water so the proposed behavior would get them in trouble with their manicupalitcy.

Schedule on demand would be cool and is their backlog…@benblackmer can confirm.

At some point I’d like to make this more aggressive.

We don’t have the ability to run a flex schedule on demand at the moment, but you can definitely add a fixed schedule, disable it, and then run it whenever you like (top of edit schedule, Run Schedule button) :wink:



Yep, though in hot weather making a lawn wait an extra day may be bad. Last time I missed a day my grass looked bad and I had hundreds of dead worms on the sidewalks. I assume the ground got too dry for them and they tried to flee. The grass did recover but I felt bad for the worms.

To your main point it would be nice to be able to specify the watering hour restrictions and have it work around those. Personally I like my watering to be done by a certain time each morning so I have to set my flex start time far enough back so that if all of them were to run on the same day. On days when only a few zones run it does start earlier than I’d like so by the time I get up I can’t tell if it really ran. So a low priority wish list item would be picking an end time and having Iro dynamically pick the start time.


Thanks, I’m not sure why I hadn’t thought of just keeping a disabled Fixed schedule. Perhaps I was thinking of the Flex restriction that prevents a zone from being part of 2 schedules.

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FYI, I had a 2hr internet outage during my scheduled run-time this morning. The system didn’t run during the outage but it did start up and ran normally after it was over. So that’s progress :wink:

End time is a great idea which I have seen here before. Let’s hope they consider it. `

This happened to me today as the internet dropped at 3:45a and was restored at 4:45a. This was the worst possible time to have an outage since all my flex daily schedules start during the 4:00a hour. After the internet came back, I noticed Rachio had watered a single zone for a few minutes but that was all. Temps are 110+ right now, so an extra day of latency could start to be a problem, even with a manual “run on demand” feature. It seems like there could be some sort of backup mechanism to recover and automatically re-queue after a short internet outage.

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