Water Journal Shows Irrigation Ran, History and Camera's Show Zone Did Not Run

I have a zone on Flex Daily set to end by 9am on any day that is sitting at 0% in the Moisture Meter.

It last ran 6/26, today is 7/6, and it’s next scheduled to run 7/16.

Curious as to how it thinks to survive another 10 days without water I viewed the water journal and it is showing that the Flex Daily irrigation went off this morning even though there is nothing in the history about it running and was dry on my camera’s all night.

Conversely, the other zone with similar settings (flowers/shrubs) decided to properly run today and is doing so currently at 8am (also set to end by 9am).

Has anyone seen this before or have any suggestions? Not sure if any changes were made on the backend that would cause a glitch like this to happen?

Edit: Not 20 minutes after posting I checked the app again and the soil moisture and dates are still showing 0% with a next run in 10 days on the 7/16, however the water journal has updated to show no watering today, and irrigation will be run tomorrow 7/7. No idea, but will leave this here for anyone else pulling their hair out in the future.

Edit: 20 Minutes After Posting Screenshot:

I’m fairly new to owning a Rachio (about 6 months), and so far I’ve noticed that weather changes are not exactly real time. It looks like you had a pretty good chance of rain in the forecast for 7/6, and this can make the schedule shift around throughout the day as the weather changes. For example, Rachio might have thought you were getting more rain, so it showed the next watering as 7/16. However, maybe it didn’t rain as much as forecasted (as measured by whatever weather station settings you’re using), and so then it switched to watering tomorrow. It’s probably working properly, but sometimes certain views in the software will update before others, which makes it appear confused. In my experience so far, I have found the Soil Moisture view to be the first to update, and the Calendar view to be the last to update, in case that helps, but everything seems to get back in sync within a few hours. I specifically don’t use notifications for all the changes, because I don’t want to go along for the ride on the software changing it’s mind every few hours compared to weather. I just watch what has or has not watered over time to make sure it looks correct. Hope that helps!