Water history

For some reason the water history didn’t get updated in my log in the app and the web.

My sprinklers did come on this morning, it shows they watered in the app, however it doesn’t show it on the web.
I can find it on the zone graph, but not in the water history.

Any suggestions?

See my post just put up as well. Since you are seeing the same issues, I have to assume something on Rachio’s end. I feel better that I’m not the only one!

@mbeijen We noticed this morning our event log processor was not consuming events. This is a display only issue and it is catching up now. These should all show up shortly.



I am not sure that my issue is the same but my moisture level reports that it rained 0.47 in yesterday and that there is a forecast to rain another 0.47in today but I am 99% sure that is incorrect.
The PWS I am connected to (not my personal one) reported the 0.47in (incorrectly) for yesterday but the the forecast for today is 0in (or 15% change of some precipitation). Is the forecast based on the assumption that today will be like yesterday?

I changed from a official FAA weather station to a PWS yesterday, could that have caused the “miscommunication”


Stay with the official weather stations. Stay away from the personal ones, unless it’s your own.

Had issues myself with it, the owner of the personal one, remove all past rain data (it rained for a week), so my system turned on the next day because it seemed there was no rain in the past week…

I learned :slight_smile: Stay with the official ones. When you switch it back it should show up correctly.