Water hammer setting

City offered a rebate for installation of “water wise” controller, so I replaced the previous one (which was working fine) with a Rachio 3. Now we experience water hammer (despite enabling the suppression feature) when the sprinklers go through the scheduled six-zone sprinkling run, but not when we do the manual Quick Run through the zones. When using Quick Run I can see the 10-second overlap as the system transitions from one zone to the next, but I have not found how to see that displayed when the scheduled run goes through the zones.

Is it possible that the water hammer suppression feature malfunctions during a scheduled run, but not during a Quick Run? Is there a timing display in the regular run that is similar to the Quick Run that shows the time elapsed and remaining?

I am new to this forum and hope that if someone responds I can find my way back here to read what is written!


I had a problem with water hammer inside the house when the sprinkler system was activated for two zones that used about 8 gpm each. Each zone ran separately. Installed water hammer suppressor after double check valve to no avail. Solution was installing a check valve on water line going directly into house. Problem was due to high gpm demand when either of the two high gpm zones started which caused water to be pulled from house. City water pressure was 95 psi. Water meter to home was 3/4 inch. Rachio water hammer option was active.

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Thank you for explaining your solution. What puzzled me in our situation was that we had no water hammer with our previous controller (Irritrol). I returned the Rachio controller, re-installed the Irritrol, and don’t have water hammer. Makes me wonder if the anti-water hammer feature on the Rachio unit that I received was defective.