Water Durations

It would be nice to set water durations to 1/10 of a minute.

I have containers that water very quickly and it would be nice to get as granular as 1/10th of a minute on watering duration.

Maybe this could be toggled off for folks that don’t need it, as I presume most wouldn’t.

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You have the wrong type of emitter/setup on your containers if 6 seconds of watering is a big deal.

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Yea, I agree, switch to a 1gallon/hour emitter on drip. what type of setup is this? 6 seconds seems hella short for a watering interval and too small for granularity.

I don’t need 6 second granularity. :30 would be nice though.

I can certainly live with 1 min. It beats the heck out of my old orbit, 1, 2, 5, 10…

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We had the ‘second’ duration request from a couple people using micro nozzles? It probably won’t make it into the next couple releases but will be sure the product team has this for our schedule ground-up overhaul :wink:


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@Chapin, just curious, are you using emitters or bubblers on the containers? I assume they have pretty small pots?

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I’ve got drip tape. This weekend am going to measure my flow.

@Chapin, ah. That should work well for a container. Do you know the manufacturer? We might be able to find some application rates online.

Yes. It is common and readily available. Also, easy to ID.

Toro Blue Stripe

It says it is .5 Gal./ Hr, for per emitter. However, I don’t think it is Pressure Compensating, so my system at 10 or 15 PSI presumably will have a different flow rate than a system at 25 or 30 PSI (or more).

@Chapin, hard to find tech specs on this drip tube. Looks like using your water meter to calculate the application and precipitation rates might be easiest/fastest option.

Resources searched:

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This from your Toro link. This is the first I’ve seen this called Pressure Compensating.

“0.5 GPH emitters installed every 6"
Pressure compensating emitters”


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I’ve measured the flow of these emitters. Would this be useful to you? I’ve measured Liter per Minute to the .25 Liter on various emitter qtantities, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, and 36. I’ve also measured on various durations, 1, 3, 5, 10, and 30 mins.

Would this be useful to you? I have an .xls I can send.

Also, I want to state, that I am no longer interested in duration that is a fraction of a minute. A minute will be short enough for me.


@Chapin, sorry I overlooked that. I was focused on looking for charts.

If you’d like to post the .xls or email it to support@rachio.com I’d be happy to take a look for you. For reference, here is the spreadsheet I use…it’s crude, but works :wink: …we’d just need to convert the Liter per minute into a Gallon per minute value.

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I’ve sent my spreadsheet to you.

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@Chapin, thanks for sending it. I’ll work on your conversions this week :smile: