Water Duration

I would like to trust the algorithm… but after I input all my data and then try to create a schedule (and use smart cycle) the “Watering Duration” times are SO HIGH that it would break me. Does the “watering duration” time include the cycling times where the area is soaking? Or do I have to just manually reduce the watering duration to stay within our city’s restrictions and our budget? That seems to negate the value of a “smart system” but there is no way our front turf needs 90 min of water at a time. It would be floating.

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not a lot of information here, but here is my experience. For reference I’m in southern California, we only get rain for 2 months out of the year. My previous manual control inhereted from the previous owner watered 15 mins 3 days a week on all zones. My initial Racho setup (smart cycle) seemed to water quite a bit more, what I’ve realized is over the full cycle of a year my watering is less. this said my approach has been to have Rachio come up with the schedule, then reduce the overall time. I then watch the grass and plants to see how they are doing, not good I increase the duration. The main factor it seems is the type of soil, sun exposure and trees. Trees seem to water for up to an hour, whereas grass with standard sprinkler heads seem to like 20-30mins. There definitely is a learning curve, or more a change in thinking. For the record my tree zone waters for 120mins for maybe once a week in the summer and once every two weeks in the winter. All 7 zones water for 4 hours, but varies zone to zone depending on the sprinkler head type and planting.

I’ve had the same question about the time the sprinkler is actually on. You might check to see if your setting is on water And Soak. I too wondered how the water could be running so long on one valve. Thing is I don’t know if I hung on (had the patience) long enough to find out if and when the second spray started and ended.
My feeling is that in many many areas, Rachio writers can’t get themselves out of their own superior knowledge mindset and approach things like a novice would.
A good case or some user research rather than “Throw it out there and let users try to help each other.” Typical lack of tech world irresponsibility/user scorn.
Just like this:
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The Rachio Team really needs to address this, as there is quite a bit of discrepancies and nuiances to overcome. Similar Zones, same locations picking different run times, excessive initial watering etc.

This past Friday after installing a GEN 3 /16 Station Zone 1 Lawn was to run for 20 minutes, Zone 2 across the driveway 8 Mins. Same type lawn same size everything.

My suggestion, start with Flex daily, then reduce duration’s picked by Rachio and compare it to a good old fixed schedule. Then you can manipulate it from there , increasing the correct water duration for the soil and precipitation rate and frequency of water event. Your Ultimate goal being on a Flex daily schedule.

Rachio , needs data, the software is the best in my opinion that is out there to be able to customize, and adjust. I do this everyday, so nozzle and or sprinkler types and specs, are at my first hand knowledge as well as knowing daily ET and budgeting. Plus, books for reference are in my truck.

Rachio, does over water and initially I am in agreement with the study it has a 30 percent error . Yes Franz , please review the articles and thesis I sent the the team through Johnny.

You can confirm , your Algorithm through Hunters user friendly Watering Schedules and confirm or compare to Rachio. I have done this, to confirm HOA’s budgeting and Rachio selections to dial everything in.

Any smart Controller starts with the same Algorithm , all of them. At least Rachio your able to customize it and there is support, in my business I had all the options to chose from all the manufactures, and although I have other systems my go to to get it done is the Rachio GEN3

There are many knowledgeable users here online to give input on thier experiences and again The Rachio Team, is great. Hope this helped!