Water duration manipulation flex daily

I’ve been fidgeting far too much with my flex daily lately. I have even day water restrictions. I turned duration to 40mins a zone to see how it played with saturation and number of days watering. With that questions:

  • if I turned up duration does it calculate it in saturation? It must right.
  • can I return to default watering calculations or do I need to start over?


if I increase the watering duration it strangely thinks the system needs more water. No less watering frequency just displays even more depletion. I’m obviously messing with the algorithm by inc duration

Flex really doesn’t work to its fullest when put under restrictions. It can cause what seems like somewhat counterintuitive watering, like watering when nowhere near AD, and right after it watered the day before, only because the system doesn’t think it can make it until the next available watering day without falling below AD.

Where are you messing with duration? With Flex it is better to mess with the advanced settings and let the system adjust duration and frequency rather than manually adjusting duration.

To reset the schedule to default, you will need to rebuild the schedule.

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