Water Duration in Schedule?

When looking at the water duration in the schedule editing screen. It shows total minutes. But for what time period? Day/Week/Month? I am currently looking at a flex day water schedule, but the values are crazy high for me to think it is for a day.

It is for one day. If you look at the moisture graph it shows simulated watering frequency over the next two weeks. If you feel like the minutes are too much you can adjust down. Flex daily is meant for deeper, less frequent watering which promotes healthy, deep roots and more drought tolerant plants.

Here is more information on the different schedule types:


Is it one day of watering if i were at 0% saturation (wilting point)? or when at the % depletion allowed? or? I look at a landscape loop and it shows 2 hours of watering time…but the actual scheduling is once every 3 weeks (with current weather) so it is hardly doing 2 hours a day which makes things a bit confusing.

I would love a live preview of the future when I am tweaking settings for a zone. Right now I change the zone, save, nav back to the schedule to find the watering times which are only ‘so so’ helpful. The moisture graph is more helpful, though having to click forward to find when it will next water and then not being able to see the minutes it is going to water isn’t great. Maybe a mini moisture graph that shows a full 2 - 4 weeks (user pick) that changes as I change settings for the zone (user picks which schedule to look at, or show all schedules the zone has which could be affected by the setting)

I am also confused by the moisture graph, the landscape loop is set to 70% depletion, the graph shows the balance go down to zero which is not what I would expect. I am guessing that field capacity is 100%, and 0% is not the wilting point but instead 100% - allowed depletion, or 30% of field capacity in my case. It feels like the graph should show 0% as the wilting point instead of each different zone having a different ‘0’ value, which makes any kind of comparison a little useless and harder to get a sense of how wet the soil is being maintained. Every graph will simply go from 100 -> 0 then back up to 100 (more or less) and the only thing that is different is the frequency. Feels like it would convey more if the graph had the option for showing the wilting point. Apologies if that is incorrect understanding of the graph.


  • add minutes it is going to water to the moisture graph, I understand the purpose of the graph but I have more experience with minutes for a particular zone.
  • add a view where is just shows the estimated next waterings all in one page, date, minutes (including the cycle soak delays) so you don’t have to click around to find next watering
  • live preview moisture graph on the edit pages with similar above data
  • add option to expand the graph to show the wilding point.
  • make the fill/empty option have the ability to set a specific value.