Water drops color

Is there a setting in the App to make two schedules i currently have setup to be different colors? They both currently show as blue water drops. I have Lawn as Flex monthly and Shrubs as Flex daily. It seems to show correctly on the website but not on my app.


Just curious, why don’t you just use the website?

I do occasionally if i need to tweak stuff in advance settings. But i rely on the app on a daily for viewing schedules.

That brings up two questions: What do you find better about the app (layout, speed, features, etc) that makes it preferable? What problem(s) does the system have that requires such close monitoring?

I like the computer better than the app. It has a little more details on Soak cycle and times etc. The app is my go to when im away from my computer. I really don’t need close monitoring, but i have been tweaking here and there and trying to dialing it in. I.e. Soil type, nozzle per inch, root depth and so on. I’ve had the Rachio for about 2 weeks which is why i been looking at the app alot. My first run time Rachio was wanting to run for 9hrs 23minutes which i thought was really high. So it lead me to tweak the system.