Water Calculations Question

I’m looking to dial in my Fixed Schedule for my grass this summer.

I did a Catch cup test and found my average precipitation rate to about 0.45 Inch Per Hour. Currently the Weekly FRET in Las Vegas is 2.63. My plan is to water daily for about 65 minutes Mon-Sat (Sunday is restricted), which should give me about 0.50 Inches of water per day and 3 Inches per week. Does watering 6 days a week sound reasonable? Am I missing anything obvious here, other thoughts? Thanks everyone

Other Information
Fescue Grass
Hunter MP Rotator Sprinklers
Orbit Catch Cups

I have a turf-type tall fescue lawn and hybrid bluegrass mix in north Phoenix. I don’t water any more than 4 days a week in the peak of summer with an average of 3-4 days a week during June-August. I apply 0.55" of water per application. I do have common seeded Bermuda grass mixed in that takes over in the sunniest sections, especially around July 4th. The fescue and bluegrass mix shows almost no thinning, even in the sunniest areas before that date. It appears you can get away with watering 4 days a week instead of 6 in the peak of summer.

I am currently watering around once every 3 days, and the grass is the best in the neighborhood.

I reseed with turf-type tall fescue and hybrid bluegrass the last weekend in September every year. I reseed everywhere, even though I only really need to reseed the areas in full sun.

That is a lot more water than needed if you are applying 3 inches a week Year round even for Las Vegas. In the Imperial Valley, as hot and for a long as everywhere, 75 inches of appropriately applied water is sufficient. Anything more is a waste.