Water Budgeting in Canada?

Hi, I live in Canada and have just bought a Rachio IRO. I have set up a fixed schedule and enabled Water Budgeting. There is no seasonal adjustment of the watering time. I see on the pop-up help for Water Budgeting that this feature may not be available in all areas. Is it available in Canada? My weather station is CWWK. I have not finished the installation of my irrigation system so I have left my IRO unplugged and offline. What are the requirements for this feature to be available?

Edit: I think my schedule does not have any active zones any more. I was disabling uninstalled zones and notice a 0 watering time. This could be the reason for no adjustment. I will have to plug in and experiment some more.

As long as we can access weather data for a lat/long than seasonal adjustment should be working. Every week you will get an email stating either an increase or decrease in the watering durations.

Here is some more information on the topic:




@jkb, the Water Budgeting feature works by adjusting your base watering durations up or down on a weekly basis.

I’d recommend plugging in your Iro’s front panel and playing around with the app and your watering times. You do not need to have the front panel attached to the wall mount to setup a test schedule. For help navigating the schedule options, please refer to this support article on fixed schedule features.