Water Budget Documentation

Here is new documentation for our overhauled water budget functionality.


This will ‘go-live’ at the end of this week/weekend. I will post in the ‘Release’ category once we have promoted these changes.

So will it now adjust watering times based on how much or how little it rains?

@jeremyshultz‌ Not exactly yet, we will solely be looking at evapotranspiration (ET). Weather intelligence (rain delay) is looking at precipitation. We tried using precipitation to offset ET and on really rainy weeks ET could go to zero. The trendline we were building was too volatile.

The next version of ‘smart’ watering I want to merge water budget and weather intelligence so that ET + precipitation essentially go hand-in-hand and 15 minutes before a schedule instead of merely skipping, we can skip, adjust minutes, etc. Thoughts?