Water bill: $300 -> $75!

Moved into a new house last year with 3 separate yard sections and 3 separate sprinkler controllers. In the first few month of living there, our water bill was around $300 a month, which well, sucks…

I ripped out all three “classic” sprinkler controllers even so they were “working” just fine. Put in 3 Rachio Gen2 controllers.

This month water bill? $75!!

Yes, it’s winter right now, but I live in California, so my lawn still needs water here and there. Also, the point is that the Rachio controllers automatically skipped rain days, watered at smart intervals and kept my garden green while saving me >$200/month.

Could I have done this with the “classic” controllers? Sure. But ain’t nobody got time for that and Rachio just made it easy!

Thanks team Rachio! Very happy with your controllers!


Way to go on the savings. The Rachio unit really changes the way we think about irrigating.

You could have similar results with another controller if you were there to babysit it for 24 hours every day and had an advanced degree in meteorology, biology, irrigation, horticulture, geology, and dendrology. Since we are not, the Rachio makes it easier to save water like a pro while we get on with our everyday lives.

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We love hearing these stories, thanks for sharing!


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YAAAS! Such a great story to start the day!

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