Was Everyone's Master Valve/Pump Device Setting Reset?

Was everyone’s Master Valve/Pump device setting reset on June 28th, some time after 1 AM?

The reason I ask is starting at 1 AM on June 29th my Master Valve/Pump setting changed to OFF. And this then caused my externally connected Measurement and Verification system to not have an automatic feed to record sprinkler use. (See http://www.welserver.com/perl/plot/WEL0343/Sprinkler1.png - you’ll see that the past 7 days are not correct).

Other questions might include that maybe I’m off a day or two - was there something ‘pushed’ out to all of us on or around June 28th that would turn off everyone’s MV/P device setting?

Or even, was there any kind of update pushed out to all of us, on or around June 28th?

Would appreciate any detail you can provide on this subject.

Many thanks!

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@a0128958 Nothing was released at that time.

I do see a request from the Webapp at June 27th 2016, 08:06:57.079 (MDT) setting your master valve to disabled.

Maybe you accidentally hit that toggle?


Very helpful response.

Now I know what the source is so I don’t need to worry about an update being ‘pushed’ to be something that could cause resetting the toggle…

You would think with my Measurement and Verification system being so dependent on the master valve being enabled I’d be really careful to not turn off the master valve. At any rate, thank you for the research showing how it got changed.

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