Very old Rain Bird EZ-1D to Rachio 2nd gen

Hello! Brand New to the Rachio family and very excited about it!

I moved down to Florida from Ohio where we didn’t need to worry about sprinklers. My wife and I bought a house from 1980 and it appears our house has the same controller since the house was built or close to it.

Looking at our current Rain Bird EZ-1D we have 4 black wires, a yellow, red, blue, and white wire. I’m guessing the black are our zones which I’ll need to label. I believe the yellow is our Common wire. If that’s accurate I’m not sure what to do with our red and blue “hot” wire or the white.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if you need more pictures. Thanks!

@Thejokerabides - From the schematic at the bottom, the white wire is the common going to the solenoids and will go in one of the Rachio C terminals. The black wires are the zone wires, put each of them in their own individual terminal. The yellow, red and blue wires are internal to the Rain Bird transformer and can be ignored - you won’t be able to connect to them when the old controller is removed as they’ll go with it. The equivalent for the Rachio will come from the power adapter plug.

Before you disconnect the Rain Bird, run a quick test to make sure all the zones are working. Then label the wires, remove and replace.

If you see a rain sensor in the installation, it is probably in-line with the common wire out to the solenoids. That will work, but can lead to questions about why didn’t my system water when the interface says it did (i.e. the rain sensor opened the common wire).

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Thank you so much for the quick response. This helps a ton!