Very minor bug, but doesn't look good - easy fix?

I’m new, so if there is a defined way to report bugs that I am not aware of, sorry.

On the website if you click the info button on the window that displays weather stations, you see a warning:

“Personal weather stations are often innacurate. …”

…you mean, like your spelling? (Sorry, couldn’t resist that!)

“innacurate” is inaccurate

“inaccurate” is accurate

OK, I quit…

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@klandingham Thanks for reporting this, oh the irony, @Dan can you fix in the next Webapp round of issues, thanks.


@franz Created task for next sprint…

@dan, another one that is just an annoyance. When using the web app on an iPad (using Chrome, IOS 9.2.3) , looking at moisture levels, if I start at zone 1 or 2, I close the moisture level view, then the zone view, another zone pops up, I have to close that one, another one pops up, I have to close it. I have had to close as many as 4 extra zones. Happens the majority of the time, but occasionally does not happen. I’ve never had this happen on my Windows desktop, only the iPad.

Hi @Linn,
Thanks for the feedback. What you’re describing sounds like an issue of the touch event propagating through the DOM to the elements below it’s initial target. It’s a know issue and in the backlog…


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Aha, sprints, eh? Doing Agile are we? Thanks.