Very Impressed

I replaced a Hunter with your Gen3 product this weekend. Installation was simple, iPhone app was nearly flawless, and initial setup was straightforward. The packaging, hardware, software, documentation, and online support make for, if I dare say, an Apple-like experience. Congratulations to the entire team!

I was able to reference a local weather underground station and test Wind Skip today. It worked! As I live in a very windy and dry place, Wind Skip is important to me for conserving water and remote monitoring.

I’ve read through the product enhancement suggestions and would like to add my vote for LED control and multiple cycles per schedule.

As I said, impressive. I’ve been exposed to some real heartaches while pursuing home automation. Gen3 stands out as an example of how others can engineer a product for non-technical end users.


Gary, thanks for the feedback. Welcome to our community!

Thank you, the product team is listening.

Are you referencing hourly schedules or cycle and soak?

Thanks again for being a valued customer!