Very dissatisfied with latest app changes

Absolutely hate the newest app navigation. In addition, all of the flexibility that the app once had is now gone. Horrible. You have reduced the decision making to yes or no. Worthless. I went to change the wind speed maximums and it was gone, as well as all of the other tweaking options.

Shame on you for reducing your app to something I used to find in the cereal box when I was a kid.

I used to boast to everyone how customizable the app and unit was. Those days are gone. No more free advertising from me for sure. In fact I would recommend that people look elsewhere for the watering needs.

Customizations are all there. See:

Advanced zone settings help;

Editing a schedule, enabling/disabling wind skip, etc are now on the Calendar (used to be Schedules) tab. Besides that change, the following article is accurate. Nothing has been removed:

The More tab allows you to adjust wind and rain skip parameters under “weather intelligence”

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Of note, if you strongly prefer the previous way the app was laid out in terms of Zones vs Yard or Schedule vs Calendar, the web-based app hasn’t changed yet. I think the terminology changes bodes well for the future – not being so in-ground irrigation specific. We’ll see!

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hi, just curious if the info just given is changing your opinion. i could understand dissappointment at a moment, but let the crew and community know if thing are right again! (it is not a weakness to change your opinion)

I finally found the wind settings under advanced weather intelligence. I dont have it in front of me. Someone previously told me it was under yard. But that was wrong. If you are making changes for better integration with alexus I think its a bad idea. Settings are adjusted only at the install. After that there is no need, so Alexa should not be considered in your plans.

You need to put this in the hands of potential users and track the amount of time it takes to perform a task. Nothing about your GUI is intuitive. Sorry to give you the bad news.

Boy, @pixelpadre, not sure where the extreme hatred for the new app is coming from, but it hasn’t changed THAT much, and certainly hasn’t changed for the worse…IMHO.

So some verbiage changed…it’s been months since the app changed, so long in fact that I don’t remember if the wind and rain skip settings moved, but in my head, they are right where they should be…in the main settings of the controller.

Sorry you don’t like the new app, but since the app rollout is months old tells me you haven’t had to touch your Rachio system for a long time. Sounds like a win for Rachio!

I’m a Rachio3 Newbie. I installed the controller and set it up with the (new?) app about 2 weeks ago. From start to finish took me about an hour. Including removing my old controller.

No app is going to be 100% intuitive for every user, but after a few wrong turns, and finding the area where I wanted to go, it was very easy for me. If you can learn a new board game, card game, etc, you will not have a problem. I’m very happy with my controller.


I am also very happy with the current layout of the app…(coming from a RainBrid manual box) I see each change to date as a progressive move forward. Thanks Dev and Product teams keep up the good work.


I agree. It is not intuitive. As a professional, I still find it confusing. There needs to be one menue on the first page with links to topics.