Vegetronix flow sensor?

Has anyone successfully used a Vegetronix flow sensor as a wired flow meter? They are like 1/3 the price of an Everydrop.

That does seem like a good price and am curious if anyone else has used it too. I have not found any information indicating that anyone has. According to the specs & wiring table, it uses 5-15VDC. If it could handle 24VAC, it seems like it could work. I have not used a flow meter yet, so not sure how to enter the numbers (if possible) to convert pulses to water usage.

Looks like you’d have to use a 12VDC coil relay to convert to AC. But you’d still be far cheaper. 12VDC to 24AC Relay $10

That could be used by the input on the sensor. What would be needed one the output pulse going to Rachio, if anything?