Vegetation type for different plants


If anyone can suggest the appropriate vegetation type for these plants, I’d appreciate hearing from you.

  • Berkeley sedge
  • California lilac
  • Mexican weeping bamboo
  • Palo Verde tree



Unless each one of these types is on their own zone, you are stuck trying to balance them out by changing emitters to get them the appropriate water for a given time, ie 2 emitters on shrubs, 4 on trees, or 2gph on shrubs and 4 gph on trees.

My system is broken into a tree zone and a shrub zone, but each plant within that zone has a different number of emitters based on water needs. My smallest shrubs might only have 1, 1gph emitter, while the largest shrub might have 3-4, 1gph emitters. Same for the trees, a smaller tree might have 2, 2gph emitters, while my biggest, thirstiest trees have up to 6, 2gph emitters.

This is how I would classify…
Berkeley sedge - Shrub
California lilac - Shrub
Mexican weeping bamboo - Tree
Palo Verde tree - Tree

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@zinarr, From the plants you have listed, I’m going to guess that you are in California. If you are trying to determine the water needs for each, here are the classifications from the WUCOLS IV database.

Berkeley sedge (Carex tumulicola) – Perennial, water requirements: low - moderate
California Lilac (Ceanothus) – Shrub – water requirements: low - moderate
Mexican weeping bamboo (Otatea acuminata aztecorum) – bamboo, shrub – moderate water
Palo Verde (Parkinsonia) Tree – water requirements: very low

The WUCOLS IV database was created to provide guidance regarding the water needs of landscape species. Choose the area where you live and the database can be searched by common name or botanical name.

@tmcgahey offers some good suggestions about emitters and finding a balance for water. Keep an eye on the plants and adjust accordingly.


Thanks @sunny and @tmcgahey - both responses are quite helpful.