Vegetable Garden Target of 1"/week plus 1/2" for every 10 degrees over 60


I’ve seen recommendations for vegetable gardens that seem to follow a run of thumb of 1"/week. However that recommendation is for about 60 degrees average temp ie (daily high + daily low)/2. They recommend an extra 1/2"/week for every 10 degree increase in average temp.

Can something similar be achieved with the Rachio?


Not automatically, but those adjustments can be made in the app manually week/week.


This year, I am experimenting with using multiple Fixed schedules that waters fruit trees daily based on weather (or more specifically, reference evapotranspiration). The idea is each tree gets, on average, the water it needs for the day. I enable a schedule and disable as needed. If it’s particularly hot in May for a stretch I will disable the May schedule and enable the July schedule, I just have the months there based on the monthly averages. Rachio makes it dead simple to setup as many schedules as necessary. So yes, you can achieve this with Rachio but instead of months you might use temperature ranges in the schedule name. This requires more human intervention but when gardening or growing fruit trees, we better be willing to put in a bit of effort :slight_smile:

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I’ve done something similar to @Kubisuro but it’s not really ideal. @franz are you saying it’s possible to set a “target inches per week” schedule? If so that would be fine even if you have to manually adjust that number based on your forecast.

No, you would end up having to understand 30 minutes = .5 inches, etc. and manage yourself.