Variance on Soak Times

I’ve noticed a large variance on Soak Times in one area of my setup, and where the zones being watered are in the same schedule

See below - any thoughts ?

Simple. The schedule with only one zone running needs more soak time since no other zones are running.

The schedule with 3 zones running add up the soak time plus the time the other two zones are running. When those two zones are running the 3rd isn’t and is therefore soaking.

Thanks, that makes sense.

But I had a strange one from last night

Zones 2 and 7 never split their watering times in half, this meaning 20 mins continuous watering while zones 1 and 4 did split

Soaks are set by either slope in the settings of each zone or by the soil type.

Are all of your zones the same with settings and advanced settings? To force a soak regardless of settings don’t use smart cycle and soak and just set the value to water ever run time you want and soak. ie So 10 mins of run 20 mins of soak

Thanks for that. All zones are zero slopes and all clay soils. I’ve gone with Manual 10 mins cycles and 20mins soaks

Are you saying with these settings you just mentioned , is when your seeing the variance on soak time?

Or did you now make those changes and that’s where you’re at now?

Just made the changes as per your suggestion

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